Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Make an Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic

upcycled plastic bottle cap wall art

DIY Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaic.  I've seen similar colorful paper coiled art on Pinterest but it seems very time consuming to coil papers so I thought bottle caps would make it an easier project. With the help a a few friends,  I saved up enough caps in just a few months!

Materials : canvas, caps, large bottle of matte Collage Pouge (found in the decoupage section of craft stores), plastic glue ( I just used my E-6000 glue) and acrylic paints.

Tools: X-Acto knife, course sandpaper and an old paint or glue bottle with a pointy tip or you could just use a plastic baggy.

First,  I sanded the top of the lids and roughed them up with an X-Acto knife to help the caps stick to the canvas. Next, I used a generous portion of the Collage Pouge so it oozed out the sides. You may want to put stack of newspapers under the canvas to prop it up so the canvas wont sag under the weight of the caps. I had a large cap from a jug of protein powder that I just glued underneath for support.

I started gluing at the center and worked out. I then filled an old paint bottle that has a pointy tip with the Collage Pouge and squirted the Pouge in all of the spaces to make sure these caps will stay put! (Not sure if this step is totally necessary) You can just fill a plastic baggy with the Pouge and cut a little hole if you don't have a bottle with a pointy tip! If you want to add caps inside of larger caps, use a plastic glue or E-6000.  Finally, I filled some of the caps with acrylic paint, the little bottles of paint from craft stores are the right consistency for this. Then I let dry flat for a few days; and I  now have a colorful, textured piece of upcycled wall art!

DIY bottle cap mosaic

Comments welcome!  Be sure to check out my eco friendly magnets made from bottle caps!


  1. Such a unique progect to make! I'll have to start saving bottle caps. :)

    I'd love for you to link up and share:

  2. What a great idea for keeping stuff out of the garbage and creating something beautiful! There's something about circles and dots that's always pleasing - so you just can't go wrong with this!

  3. That looks amazing. I obsessively save bottle-tops, I love all their bright colours. I would love to make a canvas like your with my kids.

  4. Ali, thanks it is a fun project. I can't stop saving my caps though!

  5. Thanks Melissa! Feel free to post your link to your finished project; I would love to see!

  6. This is so beautiful! Great example of creativity with 'alternative media' :)

  7. Ahoy there, Heather!

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    Jess Farris


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  8. Thanks so much Jessica, this would be awesome!

  9. Love it! What a great way to recycle and I love the colors. :)


  10. I'm one of your newest followers! I found your blog on pinterest! I'm loving this piece. Definitely going to try it out soon! I love the 'mosaic' look! I posted about this piece on one of my recent posts entitled 'Thoughts for Tuesday'.

    Go check it out:


    -Jade Sierra-

    1. Jade, Thanks so much! Your blog is great & thanks for including this project on it: )

  11. I don't know what it is about this.. but I love it, I love it :D

  12. Hi,

    well we also decided to do something with caps...

    just watch and enjoy :)

    Best regards from Slovenia,


  13. I like this post.. You really share a great information with us.. Thanks for this information..

  14. This is such a nice piece of art..congrats!

  15. This sounds pretty cool and fun! What a fantastic idea for recycling plastics. Thanks for the nice share!

    1. I make bottle cap magnets too! Thanks so much for stopping by :)